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Firm Overview

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Epting Law, PLLC offers flat rate packages for your Estate Planning needs. At your initial consultation, Kyle will review your financial assets, family structure, and estate planning desires and formulate an estate plan customized for your needs. Estate plan needs vary based on your stage in life.
Epting Law, PLLC provides services tailored to young individuals and couples with minor children who require plans to provide guardianship for their children and plans for providing for the children, individuals, and couples with substantial assets with investments and retirement planning.

All estate plans include:

  • Will

  • Advance Medical Directive/Medical Power of Attorney

  • Financial Power of Attorney

More advanced plans include Revocable ("Living") Trusts or Irrevocable Trusts.

After the initial consultation, Epting Law, PLLC will provide a proposed estate plan outline and a flat rate price for the entire estate plan preparation.

Probate Estate and Trust Administration

Epting Law, PLLC guides clients through Probate Estate and Trust Administration in Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia. Because Kyle is licensed and experienced in all three jurisdictions, he can aid clients in more complicated probate and trust administration matters involving assets in multiple jurisdictions. Estate and Trust Administration legal services are provided at an hourly rate.

Services include:

  • Probate Administration:

    • Preparation of Petitions for Probate (DC and MD) or appointment filings (VA) to initiate the probate proceedings with the court and appoint a Personal Representative (i.e. Executor or Administrator).

    • Providing notices to creditors, heirs, legatees, and other interested persons in compliance with state law.

    • Preparing inventories of Probate Estate assets and providing the inventories to interested persons and the court as required.

    • Guiding clients in marshaling estate assets and transferring title of the assets into the name of the Estate.

    • Investigating creditors of the Estate, confirming amounts owed, negotiating lower payments as appropriate, and guiding the client in making payment from the Estate's assets.

    • Working with the client's tax professional to ensure individual and estate income taxes are properly prepared, filed, and paid.

    • Preparing accountings for the Estate in compliance with court requirements, sending the accountings to interested persons, and responding to audit requests from court auditors as appropriate.

    • Distributing remaining Estate assets to the beneficiaries of the Estate.

    • Preparing filings as necessary to close the Estate with the Court.

  • Trust Administration:

    • Review of Trust Agreements and guiding clients on their fiduciary duties as Trustees under the document.​

    • Preparation and sending of notices to beneficiaries as required by the Uniform Trust Act as adopted in the jurisdiction.

    • Preparation of accountings of trust financial transactions.

    • Guiding clients in marshaling trust assets and paying creditors.

    • Coordinating transfer of assets from the Probate Estate to the Trustee of the Trust at the close of probate administration.

    • Working with the client's tax professional to ensure trust income taxes are properly prepared, filed, and paid.

    • Distributing remaining trust assets to the beneficiaries by the terms of the Trust Agreement and applicable law.

    • Providing notices to beneficiaries upon termination of the trust.

    • Preparing documents necessary to terminate the trust after administration.

Elder Law

Epting Law, PLLC provides legal services for clients related to Guardianships and Conservatorships, both in helping family members or friends acquire Guardianship and/or Conservatorship over an incapacitated loved one and in defending the rights of one alleged to be incapacitated in Guardianship and Conservatorship proceedings. 

Often negotiations are necessary for these proceedings to reach a resolution. In response, Epting Law, PLLC provides legal services in all stages of the proceeding, up to and including trial if that becomes necessary. Elder Law legal services are charged at an hourly rate. ​

Services include:

  • Capacity assessment of allegedly incapacitated individuals.

  • Preparing and filing Petitions for Guardianship and Conservatorship.

  • Interviewing witnesses as necessary.

  • Meeting and negotiations with opposing counsel and the guardian ad litem.

  • Litigation preparation and trial.

  • Preparing and filing Orders for Guardianship and Conservatorship.

  • Guiding Guardians and Conservators in fulfilling their Court mandated duties, such as filing Guardianship Reports and Conservatorship accountings.

  • Defending the rights of the allegedly incapacitated individual. 

  • Negotiations with opposing counsel and the guardian ad litem as necessary.

  • Guiding the Guardian and Conservator after the death of the incapacitated individual (also known as the "Ward"), including providing services with Probate administration.​